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ValProbe RT

Kaye ValProbe® RT (Real-Time) is a wireless thermal validation system designed around the specific thermal validation and regulatory needs of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. As the reliability, repeatability and accuracy of real-time wireless technology has continued to evolve, Kaye has utilized the latest advances in RF and battery technology to design the most advanced wireless thermal validation system on the market. The ValProbe RT wireless thermal validation system is comprised of: A wide range of wireless Real Time Dataloggers for accurate, in-situ measurements of critical process temperature, pressure, and humidity measurements. (-80C to 140C). A Base Station which provides reliable real-time wireless communications and collection of process data from the Real Time Dataloggers under the harshest of conditions. Utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as antenna diversity ensure unparalleled signal strength and reliable communications and collection of real-time data. A rugged, hardened, Validation Console utilizing Windows 10 LTSC and loaded with ValProbe RT software and a coreload dedicated to Validation only tasks. This provides added security and reliability while also minimizing the software validation efforts. The ValProbe RT software provides an intuitive, easy to use operator interface to perform all your validation tasks; Setups, Qualifications, Logger Verifications, Reporting and Data Storage/ Backup. The software is designed to meet all current regulatory requirements and/or recommendations for 21 CFR Part 11, Data Integrity, and Cyber Security. The ValProbe RT family of Real Time Dataloggers provide accurate, convenient, and reliable process measurement for a wide range of pharmaceutical, and medical device applications. See the table below for Real Time Dataloggers types and recommended applications. The ValProbe RT system combines high accuracy measurements, automated sensor verification, an intuitive metro style user interface, and extensive reporting to simplify the complete validation process and the compliant reporting of all Real Time data Loggers used. Take the next step and see how the Kaye ValProbe® RT wireless thermal validation system greatly simplifies monitoring and validation of severe and hard-to-reach environments while also providing validation efficiency and time savings. Users of the current Kaye ValProbe System can easily upgrade their existing fleet to the Real Time Datalogger family entering the next stage of wireless thermal validation. Common Reporting Tool Software Sometimes the reporting and post analysis of your validation studies are better done in the convenience of your office on a separate PC. That is possible with the Kaye Common Reporting Tool that opens study files generated with Kaye ValProbe RT and Kaye Validator AVS systems. This provides added flexibility and efficiency with the use of your Validation Console. The installation requires Windows 10 with English (US) settings and keyboard. Download a fully functional 30 days trial version here!

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